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Winter Bucket List

Winter Bucket List

Winter is on its way, and although this means colder weather, don’t miss out on the fun! When you find yourself stuck on what to do with the family, try out some of these activities for some wholesome quality time!


1. Bake Christmas Cookies

2. Find the best holiday decorations in your neighborhood

3. Build a bonfire and roast marshmallows

4. Build a cozy, indoor fort

5. Go ice skating

6. Gather the whole family for a game night

7. Make hot chocolate from scratch

8. Decorate a gingerbread house

9. Participate in a food drive or other community event

10. Make popcorn strands for the tree

11. Set up a Christmas tree

12. Try an intense puzzle

13. Do a secret Santa gift exchange

14. Brew your own apple cider

15. Decorate the house

16. Send out holiday cards

17. Visit a discount bookstore then read by the fire

18. Keep a gratitude journal

19. Host a football party

20. Watch the movies on your watch list

21. Create a winter playlist to accompany these activities

22. Make your own snow globe

23. Donate toys or clothes and teach the kids the importance of giving

24. Write your New Years resolutions

25. Take a hot bath with essential oils, Epsom salt, and herbs

26. Rent a cabin for a weekend getaway

27. Visit a farmers market for fresh, seasonal foods

28. Bake a pie

29. Facilitate the kids making dinner for a night

30. Make a winter wreath

31. Throw a fondue party

32. Make a time capsule

33. Take Polaroid pictures

34. Create your own tree ornaments

35. Make paper snowflakes and decorate with them

36. Learn a new card game or magic trick

37. Cook your favorite hot dish like soup or chili

38. Shop for your favorite seasonal candles

39. Wear matching pajamas with the family and have a photo shoot

40. Try a new tea or coffee blend

41. Try Elf on the Shelf for the kids this December

42. Create handmade gifts for Christmas this year

43. Put on a crazy, festive outfit or makeup look

44. Plan a digital detox

45. Start a family challenge

46. Go bird watching and feed the birds

47. Plan a spa day with facials, mani-pedis, deep conditioning treatments and more!

48. Plant seasonal fruits and veggies in the garden

49. Have a sip and paint night

50. Call your loved ones so they know they are loved!

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