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California Winter Safety Tips

Here are some precautions to take for the winter season regarding your home and vehicle!   Vehicle Precautions: Drain your cooling system and add new coolant at least once a year before temperatures drop Check brake fluid levels and brake pads for any necessary replacements Replace worn tires with all-weather tires and check air pressure…
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7 Free Smartphone Apps for Emergency Situations

1) Medical ID (Android & iOS)  Available on the pre-installed iOS application, Health, Medical ID allows users to access personal information such as medical conditions, allergies, and blood type without having to unlock the phone. You can specify the information you’d like to share in case of an emergency, including your emergency contact. For Android users, Medical ID is available to download on the app store.   2) First Aid…
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Why Choose an Independent Agent

More Options  Independent agents partner with a variety of providers and shop the insurance market for you. We can offer you quotes from more than one agency and find you coverage when another company can’t provide it. We do the work for you, so your job is to simply choose which one works best!  Better Rates   We partner with insurance…
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Tips for Staying Safe this Halloween

Make sure your child’s costume does not impair mobility, hearing, or sight  Prepare your kid with a flashlight, glow sticks and/or reflective tape   Avoid walking in the streets! Unfortunately, pedestrian deaths are common on Halloween night  If you plan on giving out candy this year, clear the pathway up to your door and keep it well lit   Do not…
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The Value of an Independent Agent

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