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Last-minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas  

Last-minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas  


We came up with 15 last-minute but useful gift ideas that your mama will appreciate! 


 1.Coffee/Tea Assortment 

Let’s be honest, who isn’t addicted to caffeine at this point? Get creative by choosing festive flavors like pumpkin spice or cinnamon chai. Find a more expensive brand that your mom probably wouldn’t spend that extra money on. You could even find coffee with the highest caffeine content for the true addicts. The gift of coffee is simple yet practical, and your money won’t go to waste! 

2. Milk Frother 

This gift is also great for those who love their morning cup of joe, tea, or hot chocolate! Allow your loved one to enjoy their drink even more with a delicious touch of foam! Electric frothers make an easy and portable way to make a drink even more special.  

3. Electric Blanket 

Who doesn’t love a big, comfy blanket that heats itself up? It’s great for the winter season and those rainy days. There are even electric blankets that are compatible for your car which can be great for the kids, camping, drive-ins, etc. An electric blanket will come in handy on many occasions!  

4. Alcohol 

Self-explanatory but get creative with it! Get apple cider ingredients and couple it with a bottle of rum or whisky. Find a unique mixer, a cute glass and an aesthetic bottle to accompany. Buy a few different bottles of wine or champagne from your favorite companies. This gift will be appreciated! 

5. Homemade Desserts 

Everyone loves food, especially sweets! Get a fun cookie mix, like salted caramel, and shape them with festive cookie cutters. Make brownies with extra chocolate chips or dip pretzels into fudge. Make cake pops and decorate them with colorful frosting and sprinkles. Put your own style into it and it will be a dessert to remember! 

6. Snack Gift bag

Know anyone who skips meals often? Make a mini care package with their favorite snacks! A combination of healthy snacks and irresistible treats sounds perfect. Think almonds, trail mix, dried fruit, granola, fruit snacks, hot Cheetos, Pockys, you name it! Now they’ll have no excuse to skip breakfast or lunch. Good looking out! 

7. Phone-charging wallet  

No one really thinks to buy a new wallet even though it carries all your most important cards. Plus, the built-in charger will be great for long outings or simply when you forgot to charge your phone before leaving the house. Most come with a charging cord that is compatible for both iPhone and Android so this gift will be appreciated by many! 

8. Quirky Board Games 

It’s up to you how crazy you decide to get with this one but get ready for quality family time! There’s the classic Cards Against Humanity, and you know how that goes. There’s even a fun alternative called What Do You Meme? It’s essentially Cards Against Humanity but the dealer’s card is a meme! And it gets just as intense – trust me. You could also opt for something more kid-friendly like Egg Splat or Watch Ya’ Mouth. Bonus points for being able to get the laughs started right away! 

9. Essential Oil Diffuser 

This one is great for anyone who appreciates igniting the senses. Look for an aesthetic diffuser like one that changes color. Pick out a few classic essential oils like orange, peppermint, tea-tree, lavender, etc. The benefits are so versatile; they can be used simply for the aroma, self-care, or even for keeping pesky insects away! 

10. Bluetooth Speakers  

Speakers are great for family get togethers, cleaning the house, taking a shower etc. Prices vary so you’ll be able to find something in your price range. Some change colors to the music or have a sleek, subtle design. There are even water proof speakers specifically made for using in the shower.  

11. Lottery Scratch Tickets  

This gift is more of a risk than others, but that’s what makes this fun! Mix it up with traditional tickets, seasonal tickets and quirky tickets. Take a chance on the more expensive tickets and hope for the best! Maybe pair this with a gift card just in case! 

12. Gift Cards  

Find a gift card! Either play it safe with a Visa gift card or an Amazon gift card. Depending on the person, you can choose a gift card towards Netflix, Apple Music, Barnes & Noble, etc. It’s an underrated gift really! Who doesn’t want some extra money in their pocket? 

13. Mini Plants 

This is great for the gardener, tea drinker or even the chef in your circle! You can’t go wrong with a cute little succulent, which doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Often, local grocery stores also carry potted herbs like basil, thyme, mint and rosemary. To get extra creative, buy a hanging pot to decorate her place with. Be sure to throw in some directions on how to keep them healthy for a well-rounded gift. 

14. Wireless Charger  

Newer phone models are becoming compatible with wireless charging. Double check the list of phones that work with wireless charging and find compatible charger. These are even sold at discount stores like Ross and Marshalls so you can save money while you’re at it.  This will be great for at-home use or at work.  

15. Gift Basket 

Can’t decide what to get her? Simply compile a few smaller gifts and you really can’t go wrong. You can buy a pre-made gift basket from stores like Bath and Body Works, or See’s Candies. Or, get creative and shop for a variety of items your mom likes, such as candles, candy, pens, face masks, etc. Then, grab a basket and decorate it with things like ribbons and plastic flowers. Write a thoughtful note to go along with it, and your personalized gift will make her feel extra special! 


Happy Mother’s Day! 



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