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Reach your Fitness Goals with These Free Workout Resources

Reach your Fitness Goals with These Free Workout Resources

It can be hard to get a workout in without a gym membership. That’s why we found these workout aids that won’t cost you a dime. Drop the excuses and start making time for your fitness goals with these resources.


Fitness Blender

This Youtube channel is run by Husband and Wife, Daniel and Kelly. Together, they have learned how to get fit, lose weight healthily and now they share their expertise. You’ll find videos for cardio, HIIT, pilates, yoga, stretching and more. There’s a great selection of workouts, some requiring equipment, and others that don’t. You can mix and match videos to your liking for a well-rounded workout that fits your goals.



If you’re looking for yoga workouts, this website is a great place to start. Try out a beginner yoga workout and work your way up to intermediate and advanced yoga. You can target certain areas, find instructors in serene environments, or find yoga for relaxation and meditation. While you can subscribe to access even more content, there are plenty of videos to follow for free, making this a great free resource for yoga and pilates.



Blogilates is a blog run by an award-winning LA fitness instructor, Cassey Ho. She integrates her Youtube’s fitness videos so you can find a ton of great resources in one spot. Find workout plans, challenges, and other lifestyle posts that will help you on your fitness journey. This is a particularly good resource for those who want to be inspired by a community of motivated women.



Use the AllTrails app to search through the largest database of hiking trails near you. You can quickly find trails based on location, length, difficulty, user ratings and more. If you’re bringing your kids or dogs with you, you’ll even be able to see which hikes suit them. Get your workout on with the comfort of nature’s beauty all around you.  


None to Run

Have you ever heard of the couch to 5k plan? It was designed for beginners to train to run for 3 miles straight. The None to Run plan is similar, but the creators saw flaws in the couch to 5k. So, they made an alternative plan that is more gradual, incorporates strength training, and may be easier for you to maintain overall. Running is one of the most efficient workouts, so this plan can help you get in great shape.


Nike Training Club

Available for iPhones and Androids, this Nike app provides workouts based on your gender and fitness level. Once you download a workout, a video is provided so you can workout alongside the instructor. Nike training club is great for finding a quick workout that you can easily follow on your phone.


Charity Miles

At no cost to you, Charity Miles donates money to charity when you walk, run or bike. Simply pick your charity of choice and start tracking your movement through the app. Charity Miles is worth a try if raising money for charity will be a source of motivation for you. It’s an innovative way to get healthy and support your favorite causes.


The Fitness Marshall

For those of you who hate working out or just need an easy place to start, The Fitness Marshall is the Youtube channel to check out. The instructor, Caleb Marshall, creates videos of him dancing to hit songs so you can dance along with him. The workouts are as long as each song so you can choose to follow as many as you want. Yes, you can break a sweat while having some fun!



We hope these links can help you get in shape, no matter what your fitness level or lifestyle is like. Thanks for reading!






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