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Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

We know life gets hectic so let’s pause for a moment and think about the things we’re grateful for. The day feels better when you say thank you. Share with us the gratitude you’re feeling today and we hope you hear ours. Things to be grateful for:


  1. Waking up this morning
  2. That first sip of coffee in the morning
  3. Your favorite song
  4. Compliments that make you smile
  5. A hot shower
  6. A good movie on a rainy night in
  7. Those memories that make you laugh and think about the good ole days
  8. The cuteness of a child
  9. That feeling after a car wash
  10. That book you don’t want to put down
  11. Staring into the vastness of the ocean
  12. A good morning text
  13. When you see a puppy close by you
  14. Fresh, ripe fruit
  15. Your body’s ability to fight for you
  16. A summer swim
  17. The laugh of a toddler
  18. The smell of a Christmas tree
  19. A hug after missing someone
  20. That one pen that writes reeeally smooth
  21. Making a final payment on a loan
  22. Stargazing far away from the city
  23. A warm meal with the family
  24. Singing along to songs in the car
  25. Putting a smile on someone’s face
  26. That feeling after a work out
  27. Watching your favorite team win
  28. Fireworks
  29. A dog so excited to see you
  30. When your waiter gives you your food
  31. Taking a risk that works out
  32. The sunrise and the sunset
  33. That moment you finally start vacation
  34. Your favorite perfume/cologne
  35. Solving a high-stress problem
  36. Fulfilling a craving
  37. An unexpected gift
  38. The smell of freshly baked goods
  39. Taking pictures of beautiful scenery
  40. Ice cold water on a hot day
  41. Your five (maybe 6?) senses
  42. When you arrive to your destination safely
  43. Waking up at your own pace
  44. Crying that turns into laughing and laughing that turns into crying
  45. Finishing that one project
  46. Picking up a hobby you stopped nurturing
  47. Finding money unexpectedly
  48. Losing yourself in a pleasant dream
  49. When you finally cozy up in bed
  50. The fact that you can still count your blessings


“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” —Willie Nelson

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