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15 Holiday Gift Ideas

15 Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are just around the corner, so if you haven’t picked up all your gifts yet, it’s time to get on it. With so many gifts to choose from, we curated a quick list to help your ideas flow. We think these gifts are definitely worth looking into! Happy Holidays!


1.Homemade Gift

Spread the holiday cheer by making your loved ones a gift bag. The possibilities are endless with this one but you can never go wrong with some treats like decorated cookies, cake pops, or chocolate covered strawberries. Be sure to pair your treats with a heart-felt personal card of course! Ultimately, the holidays are about spreading love and joy, so this gift wont disappoint.



2. Coffee/Tea Assortment

Coffee and tea are staples in most homes. Get creative by choosing festive flavors like pumpkin spice or cinnamon chai. You could even find coffee with the highest caffeine content for the true coffee addicts. The gift of coffee or tea is simple yet practical, and your money won’t go to waste!



3. Fire TV Stick, Roku, or Similar Streaming Device

These devices are great for those who don’t have a smart TV but want to easily enjoy Netflix and other streaming apps on the big screen. Each device has their pros and cons so be sure to do your research so you can choose the best option accordingly.



4. Wine and an Aerating Spout

Pick out a nice bottle of wine and pair it with an aerating spout. Not only will this tool keep a clean pour, it adds oxygen to the wine to enhance its flavors quickly and effortlessly. This gift is dedicated to the wine lovers of course.



5. Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a great way to incite a friend to think about their blessings. This is a gentle gift for your loved one who is battling depression, general adversity, or simply for someone who is spiritual in nature.



6. Weighted Blanket

If you haven’t heard about weighted blankets yet, it’s definitely a gift to look into. This particular type of blanket is known to help induce a better nights sleep and reduce anxiety. It will make a great staple in anyone’s home, particularly the troubled sleeper.



7. Bluetooth Karaoke Mic

Bring the karaoke party anywhere with an affordable karaoke mic. Simply connect to a smart phone or wireless speaker and find instrumentals on YouTube or your preferred app. Your loved ones can have karaoke in the palm of their hands and start singing their heart out!



8. Board Games

Whether for the kids or adults, shop accordingly to bring a fun game to the table. Keep it PG for the kids, or amp it up with an R-rated game for the adults. This is a great gift for some family fun and for the adult that loves to host.



9. Travel Mug and Reusable Straw

Do you know someone who always needs to take their water bottle or coffee mug with them? Try finding a stainless steel tumbler that keeps drinks hot and cold for long periods. Plus, throw in a reusable straw for the cold drinks, especially for those who try to be environmentally-friendly.



10. A Compact Portable Phone Charger

Now-a-days our world revolves around smart phones, so we know how easy it is to quickly use up the battery life. Having a small but powerful portable charger can be useful for a variety of situations like concerts and hiking. It’s a great idea not only for everyday life but for emergency situations too, so a gift like this would be greatly appreciated.



11. Brewing Kit

It’s not a cheap lifestyle for the beer lovers and kombucha lovers. Gift your loved one a brewing kit for beer or kombucha. Now they’ll have a fun hobby to do on the weekends that will ultimately save them some money. Once they find their perfect recipe, you can suggest they host a tasting party. It’s a win-win. 



12. Light Therapy Lamp

Help your loved ones fight seasonal depression with a light therapy lamp. This particular light is said to boost your mood and energy levels due to its interaction with your body’s chemistry. Try gifting a portable lamp for those who could use this kind of boost at work. 




13. A Modern Vinyl

Bring back the old school vibes with a portable record player. Many artists are releasing vinyl records and they are currently outselling CD’s. There are vinyls that even connect to Bluetooth, making this a great combo for the music lover. 




14. A Portable Hammock

When winter is over, a hammock will be great for the springtime and summertime. Finding a durable hammock that’s reasonably priced isn’t hard to find thanks to Amazon. This gift will be enjoyed by the camping enthusiast or someone who enjoys spending time in a park or simply their backyard.




15. 2020 Supplies

With the year coming to an end, inspire your loved ones with some new 2020 items. Try looking for a 2020 planner or a quirky calendar to display on the wall. This is a great gift for a student, or that busy someone who likes to stay organized. Add some fun pens and other office supplies to help inspire the new beginnings that lie ahead.  



Thanks for reading! Comment below your thoughts and any gift suggestions you would add. Once again, happy holidays!

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